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Focusing on market of differentiated products, OTIZ  Utilizes group institute - Far East Research and Development Center and utilizes  the  to rapidly convert the R&D achievements into product applications, continuously launch the brand-new high-quality products and matured technologies and lead the product trends, through small-scale polymerization of polyester, tackifying, yarn spinning to twisting, weaving and dipping,etc. as well as adjusting the sources of the chemicals and their physical properties.

* Far East Research and Development Center: belongs to Far Eastern Group, employs 140 researchers, including 12% PhD, 66% Master, and 21% Bachelor. Together we held more than 200 patented achievements.

Since 2005, OTIZ has 5 invention patents and 11 utility models.

On April 26 of 2013, Jiangsu Province awarded OTIZ the "Jiangsu Foreign-Invested R&D Organization Certificate".

Patent certificate