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As a large corporation, OTIZ knows well that a larger enterprise will influence more on the society. We abide by the law, value morality, respect the environment and employees—all efforts to become an enterprise with sustainable development capabilities and fulfill our responsibilities toward society, environment, employees, and stakeholders.

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility 

Respect for people

The company formulates its Business Code of Conduct, which specifies the regulations regarding corruption/anti-bribery, offering and accepting entertainment, confidentiality, anti-unfair competition, anti-money laundering, insider trading as well as discrimination (gender and ethnic, etc.), child labor and the protection of minors, etc., and has been certified by the international OHSAS 18001.

Respect for environment

We have been certified by ISO 14001 international environmental certification and established the systems for recycling waste water, waste gas and waste oil. We ensure that the effluents and gases released into the environment comply with the national requirements.

Energy conservation

We actively respond to China's 12th and 13th Five-Year Planning, introduce the advanced energy-saving technologies, conduct the technical upgrading to the old and energy-intensive equipments and have been awarded as Suzhou’s "Star of Energy Efficiency", "Clean Production Unit" and "Member Unit with Excellence in Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction”, etc.

We are accredited with ISO14064 certification for carbon emissions in 2015 and  conduct the self-audit.annually to proactively endeavor to meet the targets of China’s national emission reduction.