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  Far Eastern Group  was founded in Taiwan in 1949, initially concentrating on textile fibers, cement, and department stores as its core businesses. It adheres to  the business philosophy "Sincerity, diligence, thrift, prudence and innovation" in all of its business activities and utilizes the vertical integration and horizontal division of labor to expand continuously. So far, the Group's business areas have covered fossil fuels, polyester fibers, cement, retail, financial services, land and sea transports, communication networks, constructions, tourist hotels and social welfares, etc. Owning nine listed companies, Far Eastern Group is ranked as one of Taiwan's top five business groups. It holds a total asset value exceeding USD 62 billion and has more than 230 affiliated companies and more than 600,000 shareholders.

  Far Eastern Group has established an operational structure and management system in Taiwan and mainland as well as Asia and cooperated with the world-renowned manufacturers to successfully spread its footprint around the world!